PLATFORM:VB is an online art research and experimentation tool. Like a laboratory of interaction, it comprises points and vectors that criss-cross the voices of artists, curators, educators, and members of the public, weaving a plot of connections built on multidisciplinary, polyphonic investigations.

The platform explores and expands the relationships between contents stemming from Videobrasil’s actions, such as the works that comprise its shows and the artworks in its collection – one of the most comprehensive assemblages of video and recorded performance in the geopolitical South of the world, featuring over 3000 titles collected over the course of 30 years. Through the contributions of various artists, and spanning multiple media – text, images, artworks, links –, PLATFORM:VB reveals a universe of processes, contexts, and references to Videobrasil’s artwork and contents, evidencing their connections with disciplines beyond the visual arts, like politics, history, and sociology.

Though heterogeneous, the actions of Videobrasil all point in the same direction: to create a contemporary art collection, that is relevant, alive and constantly conversing with current issues from art and the world. PLATFORM:VB operates by connecting these actions together and giving rise to new ways of exploring the contents they create and/or contribute. It can be used as a research and curating tool and to educational purposes, to help create new mediation structures dedicated to contemporary art production. A collective-access network, the platform also invites to unassuming navigation, and is open to experimentations that provide its contents with new meanings.


* We do not recommend using the Internet Explorer browser to navigate PLATFORM:VB