Established by Solange O. Farkas in 1991, Associação Cultural Videobrasil was born of the desire for an institution to house a growing body of artworks and publications amassed since the first edition of Festival Videobrasil (current Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil), in 1983. Ever since, Associação has been working systematically to activate this collection, comprising artworks from the world’s Geopolitical South – Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East –, video art classics, own productions, and a vast collection of art publications.

Apart from the Biennial, held every two years, Associação carries out several actions geared at researching, publicizing and mapping out its collection: international art shows; travelling exhibitions; publications about contemporary art and culture; TV shows and the Videobrasil Authors Collection documentaries; seminars, workshops and meetings with artists and researchers, in constant interaction with various fields of knowledge; and artist residency programs, in connection with a wide-ranging network of international collaborators.