Neither tourist nor resident

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posted on 02/03/2015
Israel’s Nurit Sharett shares her final thoughts on her experience at the Red Gate Residency (China) in the blog dedicated to artists on residencies awarded by Videobrasil

One of the 18th Festival’s artist residency prize winners, Nurit Sharett said in an interview to Videobrasil that one of her deepest impressions from the experience was “the feeling of being in a new place for a long period of time, which made me feel that I was not a tourist but not a resident either. I was free to explore.” Although it may seem too early to fully comprehend how the experience will influence her production, Sharett shared her final thoughts on her two-month stint at the Red Gate Residency (Beijing, China) in the In Residence blog.

Besides Nurit, residency prizes were also awarded to the artists Ali Cherri (Lebanon), Ayrson Heráclito (Brazil), Basir Mahmood (Pakistan), Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil), Laura Huertas Millán (Colombia), LucFosther Diop (Cameroon) and Virgínia de Medeiros (Brazil).

Medeiros, Cherri, Mahmood, and Sharett went on residencies in 2014. The 2015 season of the Videobrasil Artist Residency Program  opens with LucFosther Diop, slated to arrive in São Paulo in February for the FAAP Artist Residency.